Five Important Sales Considerations

In small businesses, there are very few things that getting more sales cannot fix. However, the challenge lies in making sure that every sale maximises your return and will keep your customers coming back for more. Read More


Fitness Business DIY Audit Part 1: Client Results

How successful is your fitness business, really? Are you: Thriving; Coasting along; or Is there room for improvement? In this three-part series (parts 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week), I will briefly outline several aspects of a fitness business that you should ‘audit’ from time to time, to gauge how well your… Read More

Seven (Quick) Tips to Help You Sell More Personal Training Sessions

An important skill of a personal trainer, whether we like it or not, is selling. Many personal trainers do not like being called sales people, but it is an important aspect of the role. “I hate selling. I’m not a sales person, I’m a personal trainer” One group of personal trainers who have achieved a… Read More

Fitness Industry Titles, Part 4: Sales, Support & Other Roles

This is the fourth of four posts looking at the various titles within the fitness industry. Recently, I have connected with a lot of new people on LinkedIn, and it was surprising to see the variety in the titles they used (for those within the fitness industry or having some link to it). So, I decided… Read More

How Can You Use Your Gym’s Content to Drive Lead Generation?

Although this article is written with fitness business owners and managers in mind, content creation is an important part of any organisation’s advertising and marketing strategy. There are a number of methods (channels to market) to publish your content to the world or, hopefully and more specifically, your target market. This can include newsletters, social… Read More