How to Promote a (Fitness) Business using Video Marketing

Want to know the secret on how to promote a gym? Gym owners that are killing their marketing, know that video content is currently king. Online marketing is so super fast-paced that it is absolutely critical to find new and unique ways to make your business stand out. Video marketing is not a new concept,… Read More


3 Quick Tips on How to Utilise Facebook’s News Feed Tweak

Many fitness businesses are rethinking their marketing strategies after Facebook recently announced algorithmic changes its news feed feature. The news feed is Facebook’s biggest money spinner, so it is wise for marketeers to pay attention. As part of the changes, Facebook stated that it is leveraging new signals such as user surveys to prioritise posts… Read More

How Can You Use Your Gym’s Content to Drive Lead Generation?

Although this article is written with fitness business owners and managers in mind, content creation is an important part of any organisation’s advertising and marketing strategy. There are a number of methods (channels to market) to publish your content to the world or, hopefully and more specifically, your target market. This can include newsletters, social… Read More