3 Safety Tips to Help you Survive Military Boot Camp

If you are looking for an intense workout you can always consider attending a military boot camp. It is the ultimate way to get fit, but you need to ensure that you follow the right safety protocols to keep you and your fellow trainees safe. Read More


Injured in a Fitness Facility? Can You File a Claim?

Fitness centres are places where people usually go to get physical. They sweat it out to lose that extra flab. They train hard to gain that much coveted musculature. In the process, many of them usually use equipment that often looks like it can hurt any inexperienced person who dares use it. Because of all… Read More

What are Normal Safety Precautions?

Normal Safety Precautions (NSPs) are a set of drills used to take a weapon system from an unknown or unsafe state to a known safe state, for example by removing any rounds contained within the weapon.

An Analysis of Reported Dangerous Incidents, Exposures, & Near Misses amongst Australian Army Soldiers

Research Paper Title An Analysis of Reported Dangerous Incidents, Exposures, and Near Misses amongst Army Soldiers. Background Occupational health and safety incidents occurring in the military context are of great concern to personnel and commanders. Incidents such as “dangerous incidents”, “exposures”, and “near misses” (as distinct from injuries, illnesses, and fatalities) indicate serious health and… Read More

Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) Training & the UK Armed Forces

Dynamic risk assessment (DRA) training is provided to the UK armed forces, however, the design and delivery varies between the Services, as outlined below: Royal Navy: DRA training is provided to Royal Navy Police (RNP) personnel due to the nature of their role. It is delivered as part of their personal safety training and is… Read More

Hearing Thresholds & Hearing Loss in British Army Air Corps Lynx and Apache Pilots

Research Paper Title Changes in hearing thresholds as measured by decibels of hearing loss in British Army Air Corps lynx and apache pilots. Background Helicopter pilots are exposed to noise at work and are at risk of developing hearing loss in excess of that which naturally results from aging. We investigated whether Lynx pilots demonstrated… Read More