Wearables & Data: The ‘Smart’ Gym Is Here

What will the latest advances in mobile applications (apps), streaming, and wearables mean for the way members track their progress? Leveraging the right technology in your (small, medium or big) fitness business can put more customers more in control of their health and fitness, and provide personal trainers (and their managers) with increased efficiency. In… Read More


Injured in a Fitness Facility? Can You File a Claim?

Fitness centres are places where people usually go to get physical. They sweat it out to lose that extra flab. They train hard to gain that much coveted musculature. In the process, many of them usually use equipment that often looks like it can hurt any inexperienced person who dares use it. Because of all… Read More

What is the Size & Value of the UK Fitness Industry?

Did you know that the global health and fitness industry is worth a whopping US$87.2 billion, and welcomed 174 million consumers at more than 201,000 facilities around the world (IHRSA, 2018). The US leads all markets in revenue with $30 billion, while Germany is second ($5.6 billion), and the United Kingdom third ($5.5 billion) (IHRSA,… Read More

What is Fittertainment?

Fittertainment can be described as: “The power of entertainment, celebrities and social media influencers to motivate and engage people in exercise is growing fast and reshaping the way we manage, invest in and market health clubs and gyms.” (Terry, 2018, p.3) Reference Terry, L. (2018) Fittertainment. Health Club Management. August 2018.