What is the Defence Lessons Identified Management System (DLIMS)?

Introduction The Defence Lessons Identified Management System (DLIMS) is a UK Defence-wide database to deal with the collection, management, and distribution of lessons. It is a tool that enables the Chain of Command to allocate responsibilities, track actions, and archive work on each issue but individual Defence Organisations have also developed their own databases, in… Read More


Injured in a Fitness Facility? Can You File a Claim?

Fitness centres are places where people usually go to get physical. They sweat it out to lose that extra flab. They train hard to gain that much coveted musculature. In the process, many of them usually use equipment that often looks like it can hurt any inexperienced person who dares use it. Because of all… Read More

Human Factors Training in the Royal Navy (2018)

What are Human Factors (HF)? Those factors involved in each situation where individuals and their interactions with: Other people; Rules and procedures; Tools and equipment; or With the operating environment, influence the outcome of that situation. A considerable amount of research in HF has been conducted over recent years and it is estimated that as… Read More

What is the Role of a Duty Holder?

A Duty Holder (DH) provides specific focus on safety and environmental protection management. DHs have a personal duty of care for personnel under their command or management, for those who, by virtue of their temporary involvement in activities, come within a DH’s area of responsibility (AOR) and for the public who may be affected by their activities. DHs are accountable… Read More