Wearables & Data: The ‘Smart’ Gym Is Here

What will the latest advances in mobile applications (apps), streaming, and wearables mean for the way members track their progress? Leveraging the right technology in your (small, medium or big) fitness business can put more customers more in control of their health and fitness, and provide personal trainers (and their managers) with increased efficiency. In… Read More


Are You A Deceiver?

UK organisations are flooded with applications from willing candidates, leaving employers to separate the wheat from the chaff (the CIPD’s recent Labour Market Outlook reported an average of 45 applications for each vacancy). Experienced recruiters therefore become the coveted custodians of one of the most important talent management strategies. Worryingly, a study from the Journal… Read More

Big Data: Infallible Robots versus Fallible Humans!

How software helps firms hire workers more efficiently. The problem with human resource managers is that they are human. They have biases; they make mistakes. However, with better tools they can make better hiring decisions, say advocates of ‘big data’. Software that crunches piles of information can spot things that may not be apparant to… Read More