3 Safety Tips to Help you Survive Military Boot Camp

If you are looking for an intense workout you can always consider attending a military boot camp. It is the ultimate way to get fit, but you need to ensure that you follow the right safety protocols to keep you and your fellow trainees safe.

Here is a basic guideline of how to prevent injuries as well as what to do in an emergency. It is important to have fun but stay safe as well.

Take Precautions When Handling A Gun

If you are learning how to handle a gun during your training it is important to take the right precautions. This way you can avoid injuring yourself or any of your fellow trainees. These guidelines are known as Gun Safety Rules.

The first rule when it comes to handling a gun is that you must always treat your weapon as if it is loaded even if it is not. This will teach you how to hold your weapon and will also avoid unintentional accidents.

When holding your weapon, keep it pointed at the target and never point it at anything else unless you intend to shoot it. Finally, ensure that your safety is on until the moment you decide to shoot. These guidelines are essential to practising safe shooting procedures so it is important to know them off by heart.

Look After Your Body During Exercise

Boot camp training involves a lot of intensive exercises so it is important to consider the safety of your body to prevent injury. Before you begin any training set, always remember to do the regulated warm ups so that your muscles are ready for exercise. At the end of your routine, remember to do prescribed cool-downs as well.

During exercise, do the exact number of prescribed sets and train with a partner when possible. Even though soreness is to be expected, never overwork your muscles. Aggravating muscles can cause severe injuries.

Always use the necessary safety equipment. If you are doing training on the water, remember to wear a life jacket. On the other hand, if you are training at a great height, consider using Miller Fall Protection retractable lifelines to keep you safe from falling.

Follow Proper Safety Procedures in an Emergency

Despite taking all of the necessary precautions, there is still a possibility that accidents can occur. If that happens, it’s important to remain calm and find help immediately. Either locate a qualified first aider or contact emergency services. Report the incident to your superior as soon as possible.

In-water Training.

You can also be more prepared for an emergency by staying up to date with first aid training and keeping a medical kit on you when you go into the field. Always keep a mobile phone on you as well so that you can contact a superior or emergency services.

Always travel with a partner so that you can help each other in an emergency. Acting swiftly and thinking clearly will save lives.


Military boot camp can be a fun way to get fit even if it leaves you exhausted. As long as you take precautions, you are unlikely to be injured. Even if there is an emergency, you can still survive it as long as you follow the right procedures.

You have the same body for your whole life so you should look after it.


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