Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) Training & the UK Armed Forces

Dynamic risk assessment (DRA) training is provided to the UK armed forces, however, the design and delivery varies between the Services, as outlined below:

  • Royal Navy:
    • DRA training is provided to Royal Navy Police (RNP) personnel due to the nature of their role.
    • It is delivered as part of their personal safety training and is an annual requirement for all RNP personnel.
  • British Army:
    • Whilst there is no specific training objective or course on dynamic management of risk for army personnel, risk management training is given to officers and soldiers on career courses and part of that training is the requirement to dynamically manage risk as required by a changing situation.
  • Royal Air Force (RAF):
    • DRA training for RAF personnel is covered within the risk assessment course.
    • This training is not provided to all personnel as standard but is given to personnel undertaking a Health and Safety Role, within their own areas of responsibility on their Station/Units.
    • DRA training is also undertaken by RAF Regiment personnel, Adventure Training, Mountain Rescue and RAF Police personnel given the nature of their roles.


FOI 2017/06327 dated 27 July 2017.


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