The Royal Marines Police Troop

Did you know you can be a ‘policeman’ in the Royal Marines (RM)?

In 2008, the RM Police Troop was composed of:

  • Captain (OF-2): One (1).
  • Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2, OR-8): One (1).
  • Colour Sergeant (OR-7): Two (2).
  • Sergeant (OR-6): Three. (3).
  • Corporal (OR-4): Nine (9).
    • One being a British military policeman from the Royal Military Police (RMP) attached to the RM but remained an Army liability.
  • Lance Corporal (OR-3): Twenty-one (21).
  • One civilian (attached).

RM Police could be found in several locations/units including:

  • Close Protection (CP) Team.
  • Police Office.
  • Training Office.
  • G4 (Troop Quartermaster Department).
  • RM Condor.
  • 45 Commando.
  • Arbroath.
  • The Commando Training Centre RM detachment.
  • Unit Investigation Element:
    • Acted as the deployable manpower for any exercises and operations.


FOI 2016/00396 dated 20 January 2016.


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