US Army Basic Combat Training (BCT): Highlighting the Association between Barracks Type & Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs)

Research Paper Title Association Between Barracks Type and Acute Respiratory Infection in a Gender Integrated Army Basic Combat Training Population. Background Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are the leading cause of acute morbidity and lost work time in the United States. Few studies have looked at building design and transmission of ARIs. Objectives This study explores… Read More


Modelling Overuse Injuries in US Army Basic Combat Training (BCT)

Research Paper Title Physical Training Outcome Predictions With Biomechanics, Part II: Overuse Injury Modeling. Background In Part II of a two-part series, the researchers develop a phenomenological model of a negative outcome of U.S. Army Basic Combat Training that affects a large proportion of trainees. Previous models have been epidemiological in nature and have focused… Read More

What are the Sex & Age Differences in Physical Performance between Army Basic Training & Operational Populations?

Research Paper Title Sex and age differences in physical performance: A comparison of Army basic training and operational populations. Background To determine the age- and sex-specific differences of physical fitness performances and Body Mass Index (BMI) in basic training and the operational Army. Cross-sectional Study. Methods This secondary analysis utilizes retrospective surveys of U.S. Army… Read More

Does Improvement of Soldier Physical Fitness Prior to BCT Improve Soldiers’ Psychological Health Outcomes?

Research Paper Title Physical Fitness and Depressive Symptoms during Army Basic Combat Training Introduction Mental health-related problems are a significant cause of attrition during Basic Combat Training (BCT). Evidence in civilian populations suggests that physical fitness is associated with psychological benefits in civilians, but little is known about the association between physical fitness and psychological… Read More