The Role of Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA)

Research Paper Title HTA: The development and use of tools for Hierarchical Task Analysis in the Armed Forces and elsewhere. Synopsis This report seeks to cover the recent past, and current usage of the Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) technique in, and for, the UK Armed forces. The reasons why an HTA should be (or may have been) conducted will… Read More


Developing Situational Awareness through Game-Based Instructional Packages

Research Paper Title Urbanism: A Game-Based Instructional Package for Conducting Counterinsurgency Operations. Abstract Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom have identified the need for instructional and training solutions that develop the skills of Battalion and Brigade Commanders in formulating situational understanding in order to successfully lead operations in a counterinsurgency environment. In this paper the researchers describe the UrbanSim Learning… Read More

Prejudices, Stereotypes & Discrimination: Individual, Group & Social Foundations

I recently read an article by David Amodio (2015), a professor of psychology and neural science at New York University, in the New Scientist writing about prejudices which made for fascinating reading. Although the ‘case study’ material is not immediately relevant to the world of recruitment and training (white US police officers shooting black US… Read More

What Does DTTT Mean in the Army?

DTTT is short for the Defence Train the Trainer qualification which must be completed by all MOD personnel who will undertake instructional duties. Detailed information on the DTTT qualification can be found here. The reader is also directed to the consolidation course, DTTT(C) and the new Army Instructional Capability programme which should fully operational from October 2014.

The 20 Best Organisations for HR

Number 4: The UK Armed Forces Key Traits: Engagement; Recruitment and evaluation; Learning and development; Equality and diversity; and Leadership. Excerpt: Qualityof training and leadership is paramount in any organisation. In the British Army, RAF and Royal Navy, it can be a matter of life or death. When your staff sign a contract agreeing to… Read More

ROI: Demonstrating The Value & Impact of Learning Professionals

The CIPDs Learning and Talent Development Survey 2013 gives an indication of the continued critical importance of learning and talent development to the business environment. The CIPD notes that learning professionals are still operating in a resource-light, challenge-rich environment (as identified in 2012 and since the onset of the global financial crisis); times are tough… Read More