What is the Prevalence & Covariates of Problematic Gambling among a US Military Cohort?

Research Paper Title Prevalence and covariates of problematic gambling among a US military cohort. Background The availability of and participation in gambling has increased substantially the past several decades, however studies of military members’ gambling behaviors are limited. The present study aimed to investigate potential problematic gambling and its association with demographics and behavioural characteristics… Read More


Linking Command, Confusion and Distance…

“The amount of confusion in a command post is in direct proportion to the distance it is from the incident!” Unknown

Military Strategy & Tactics Minus Brains…

“Both sides, indeed, successively provided an object lesson in the cost and futility of the “direct approach” – the offensive spirit unguided by subtlety of mind.” ” (Rommel, 1953, p.307). Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox), World War I junior officer and World War II General, considered a brilliant military commander; adored by his troops and… Read More

Military Gamble vs Military Wisdom

“Prejudice against innovation is a typical characteristic of an Officer Corps which has grown up in a well-tried and proven system. Thus it was that the Prussian Army was defeated by Napoleon. This attitude was also evident during this war, in German as well as British officer circles, where, with their minds fixed on complicated… Read More

Military Gamble or Strategical/Tactical Boldness

“It is my experience that bold decisions give the best promise of success. But one must differentiate between strategical or tactical boldness and a military gamble. A bold operation is one in which success is not a certainty but which in case of failure leaves one with sufficient forces in hand to cope with whatever… Read More