Physical Training for Loaded Marching Performance Among British Army Recruits.

Research Paper Title Physical Training for Loaded Marching Performance Among British Army Recruits. Abstract Study 1 quantified the validity and repeatability of an automated on-line (ON) gas analysis system during sub-maximal loaded marching (LM) against that of the Douglas Bag (DB) approach. The 95% ratio Limits of Agreement (LoA) revealed the ON system systematically overestimated V02 by -16%… Read More


Military Training: Instinct vs Training…

“At the time he had believed that Bestia had been a cruel monster, but he had long since come to realise the true purpose of the harsh treatment meted out during training. Soldiers had to keep a cool head in any conditions. They had to be disciplined from within as well as without. That process… Read More

Instinct or Training?

“In the heat of battle you don’t remember very much, you don’t think very fast. You act by instinct, which is really training. So you’ve got to be trained for battle so you react exactly the way you did in training.“ Arleigh Albert ‘31-knot’ Burke (1901-1996) US Navy Admiral who took part in WW2 and… Read More

SAS: Who Dares Wins, Episode 2 Tonight

Don’t forget that episode 2 (day 3/4) of SAS: Who Dares Wins (which mimics the UK Special Forces Selection process) is on Channel 4 @ 21:00 (9pm). Only 20 of the original 30 contestants are still in, and I’m looking forward to Sam the Trainee Stuntman (who is ‘fitter’ than everyone else and going to… Read More

Royal Marines Training: ACL Injury, Rehabilitation & Completion of Commando Training

Research Paper Title ACL Injury in Royal Marine basic training: rehabilitation times and rates of completion of commando training. Outline Previous Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction is currently a contraindication for entry to the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. The British Army allows entry if potential entrants are asymptomatic 18 months post-ACL reconstruction. Current Royal Marines policy is to rehabilitate recruits… Read More

New Page Uploaded: RAN Clearance Divers

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Teams‘ under the main page ‘Australian Elite and Special Forces‘ What does the new page tell us? What is clearance diving. A brief history. The role of clearance divers. Women and clearance divers. Outline and organisation of the clearance diving branch. Entry standards… Read More

Australian Institute of Sport turns to SAS Commando Training to Select Future Cycling Gold Medallists

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has turned to the brutal selection processes of the SAS and special forces commandos to inspire the next generation of women cyclists to gold medals. Sports scientist David Martin designed the program after briefings on secret army techniques for picking and nurturing their best and brightest. “They were very… Read More