Linking Social Jetlag & Cardiovascular Disease

“Cut that lie-in short A study of how much 984 adults shifted their waking and sleeping hours at the weekend has found that, for every extra hour a person’s schedule shifts, there is an 11 per cent increase in the likelihood that they have cardiovascular disease. The phenomenon is called social jetlag, because it’s often caused… Read More


Linking Sleep & Deployment in US Naval Personnel

Research Paper Title Self-Reported Sleep During U.S. Navy Operations and the Impact of Deployment-Related Factors. Background Sleep disruption is a growing concern among military personnel. Very little is known, however, regarding sleep and associated factors in military members serving in combat environments. Methods The researchers sought to quantify the prevalence of sleep disruption among military… Read More

Soldiers Sleep: Actigraphy & Feedback

Research Paper Title Using actigraphy feedback to improve sleep in soldiers: an exploratory trial. Background The objective of this study was to assess the impact of wearing an actigraph and receiving personalised feedback on the sleep of a high-risk occupational group: United States soldiers recently returned from a combat deployment. Methods Following a baseline survey… Read More

Research: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Research Paper Title Association between Perceived Insufficient Sleep, Frequent Mental Distress, Obesity and Chronic Dieases Amnog US Adults, 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Background Although evidence suggests that poor sleep is associated with chronic disease, little research has been conducted to assess the relationships between insufficient sleep, frequent mental distress (FMD ≥14 days during… Read More