What is the Average Cost of Basic Training for Soldiers & Officers in the British Army?

The average cost of successful trainees in the training year 2014/2015 was: £116,000 per officer; and £37,000 per soldier. These figures are derived from a wide range of Phase One training courses and locations, which include the cost of: Pay, including permanent staff and trainees; Infrastructure costs such as utilities; and Non-cash items such as depreciation.… Read More


In What Week do British Army Recruits Start Running?

Running for British Army recruits commences in Week 7 with the outdoor training shoe (currently the Magnum Shoe Fitness Trainer). The speed of training runs are based on 75% maximum heart rate. The British Army no longer runs in boots as part of training activity. Reference FOI 2017/79625/05/01 dated 17 November 2017.

What Combat Boots are Issued to British Army Recruits?

Prior to 2017, the British Army issued the black combat boot to recruits. The current combat boots offered to recruits include: Altberg Defender (UK); Haix Scout (UK); Bates (Patrol); YDS Kestral (Patrol); Iturri Mendalls (Desert); YDS Desert Scout (Desert); Iturri Magnum (L/W Desert); YDS Desert (L/W Desert); Haix Alaska (Cold Weather); and Iturri Karimor (Cold… Read More

What are the Sex Differences in Neuromuscular Fatigability in Response to Load Carriage in the Field in British Army Recruits?

Research Paper Title Sex differences in neuromuscular fatigability in response to load carriage in the field in British Army recruits. Background Women are resistant to neuromuscular fatigue compared to men in response to a range of exercise tasks. The sex differences in the neuromuscular responses to load carriage have yet to be investigated. Prospective cohort… Read More

What is the Incidence of MSK Injuries during Basic Training for the Different British Army Infantry Regiments?

Research Paper Title Musculoskeletal injuries in British Army recruits: a prospective study of incidence in different Infantry Regiments. Background Musculoskeletal injuries and attrition incurred during basic military training are a significant socioeconomic burden across many Defence Forces. In order to plan an injury prevention strategy, the purpose of this study was to quantify the regiment-specific… Read More

What is the Number of Women in the Royal Armoured Corps as of October 2017?

Table 1 provides an outline of the number of women in the British Army’s Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) as of October 2017. Table 1: Women in the Royal Armoured Corps Type Untrained Trained Regular 5 5 Reserve 5 or less 30 Source: Defence Statistics (Army) Note: Numbers are rounded in accordance with MOD policy. The… Read More

What is the Average Time from Applying to the British Army to Starting Initial Training?

“The average time for an application being received to join the British Army and an individual commencing initial training is around 300 days.” (UK MOD FOI, 2017) Reference MoD (Ministry of Defence) (2017) Number of Females in the Royal Armoured Corps as of October 2017. Available from World Wide Web: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/656895/2017-10388.pdf. [Accessed: 08 November, 2017].