What Combat Boots are Issued to British Army Recruits?

Prior to 2017, the British Army issued the black combat boot to recruits.

The current combat boots offered to recruits include:

  • Altberg Defender (UK);
  • Haix Scout (UK);
  • Bates (Patrol);
  • YDS Kestral (Patrol);
  • Iturri Mendalls (Desert);
  • YDS Desert Scout (Desert);
  • Iturri Magnum (L/W Desert);
  • YDS Desert (L/W Desert);
  • Haix Alaska (Cold Weather); and
  • Iturri Karimor (Cold Weather).

These boots can be obtained by civilians from a number of sources, including reputable manufacturers (new) and military surplus stores (new/used).


FOI 2017/79625/05/01 dated 17 November 2017.


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