What is the World Pace Sticking Competition?

1.0 Introduction This article provides an overview of the British Army’s World Pace Sticking Competition. 2.0 What is the World Pace Sticking Competition? The World Pace Sticking Competition is an event where teams get to demonstrate their competence at pace stick drill. The World Pace Sticking Competition is, or has been, known by a number… Read More


Household Division & Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses

The following is a list of Household Division and Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses (HDPRCC) (as at April 2019): Course Duration Infantry Potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) Course 6 Weeks Pre-Section Commanders’ Battle Course (SCBC) and Pre-Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course (PSBC) 2 Weeks Sniper Pre-Course 2 Weeks Sniper Operators’ Course (SOC) 11 Weeks Sniper Re-Test Week… Read More

What is the Number of Applicants Accepted into British Officer Training?

Below is the number of applicants accepted into British officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) of the British Army and the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) of the Royal Navy by school type. Table 1: RMAS Entrants by School Type Training Year Independent School State School Total 2012/2013 280 320 590 2013/2014… Read More

What is the Number of British Army Personnel who Fail to Complete Phase 1 Initial Training (2010 to 2016)?

Table 1 provides an outline of the numbers who either completed training or where discharged. Table 1: British Army discharge (DI) and output (OP)  Entry Type [1] 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 DI OP DI OP DI OP Regular Officer 80 580 50 650 70 630 CIC 830 1010 1250 2370 910 2170 CMS 750 4360 860… Read More

A Leadership Framework at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Research Paper Title Sandhurst Occasional Papers No.20. Be, Know or Do? An Analysis of the Optimal Balance of the Be, Know, Do Leadership Framework in Future Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Abstract The focus of this research is to analyse the perceived optimum balance of the Be, Know and Do leadership framework, in order… Read More

First Female Commanders at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst & West Point

British Army Officer Training The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), the British Army’s centre of excellence for the training of the British Army’s future generation of officers, has appointed its first female commander. Lieutenant Colonel Lucy Giles, of the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC), will take charge of New College. Lucy commissioned into the RLC from the… Read More

New Page Uploaded: The Sandhurst Group SNCO Instructor Cadre

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘The Sandhurst Group SNCO Instructor Cadre‘ as part of the UK Military Training Stream. This page looks at: The role of a Sandhurst Group SNCO Instructor, formerly known as RMAS SNCO Instructor; The mandatory training courses required by aspirants; and An outline of the Pre-Cadre and Cadre courses… Read More