Who was Anna Mae Hays?

Introduction Brigadier General Anna Mae Violet Hays (née McCabe; 16 February 1920 to 07 January 2018) was an American military officer who served as the 13th chief of the United States Army Nurse Corps. She was the first woman in the United States Armed Forces to be promoted to a General Officer rank; in 1970,… Read More


Who was Elizabeth P. Hoisington?

Introduction Elizabeth Paschel Hoisington (03 November 1918 to 21 August 2007) was a United States Army officer who was one of the first two women to attain the rank of brigadier general. Early Life Born in Newton, Kansas, on 03 November 1918, Elizabeth Hoisington was a 1940 graduate of the College of Notre Dame of… Read More

What is the Brigade Commanders’ Programme (NATO Only ) Course?

Aim of the Course To revise and update selected commanders in appropriate tactical doctrine and combined arms tactics in order to prepare them for brigade command. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Limited to NATO brigade commanders and their artillery, engineer and logistics equivalent on the staff. Approximately 8-10 senior officers attend each course. IELTS Level… Read More

Synonymous & Inseparable…

“Leadership and morale are not synonymous; yet they are … inseparable …” Edward Munson (1868 to 1947), Leadership For American Army Leaders, writing in The Infantry Journal in 1942. Brigadier General Edward Lyman Munson was a senior officer of the US Army Medical Corps; He accepted a commission with the US Navy but turned it down a few months later, to join the Army. He served in several conflicts, was an… Read More

Lead from Behind…

“For these reasons, the ‘principle of the object’ will come to have many times its former importance in instruction to all ranks. The need for a clearer concept of it, however, is not greater than the need for junior commanders who will take a keen interest in the larger affairs of war and for higher… Read More

Never Speak Ironically or Sarcastically…

“An officer should never speak ironically or sarcastically to an enlisted man, since the latter does not have a fair chance to answer back. The use of profanity and epithets comes under the same headings. The best argument for a man keeping his temper is that nobody else wants it; and when he voluntary throws… Read More

A Good Leader is…

“In a few words, a good leader is someone whom people will follow through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, because they have confidence in him as a person, in his ability and his knowledge of his job, perhaps because he looks the part, and also because his men know that they… Read More