What is the Average Cost of Basic Training for Soldiers & Officers in the British Army?

The average cost of successful trainees in the training year 2014/2015 was:

  • £116,000 per officer; and
  • £37,000 per soldier.

These figures are derived from a wide range of Phase One training courses and locations, which include the cost of:

  • Pay, including permanent staff and trainees;
  • Infrastructure costs such as utilities; and
  • Non-cash items such as depreciation.

The average cost for soldiers does not include the combined Phase One and Two training delivered at the Infantry Training Centre, and actual costs will vary depending on course and location.

  • Phase One training at the Army Training Regiments is known as the Common Military Syllabus, and lasts for 14 weeks.
  • Those attending the Army Foundation College at Harrogate undertake either:
    • The ‘long’ course lasting 49 weeks, or
    • For technical trades, the ‘short’ course lasting 23 weeks, as these trainees will subsequently require longer Phase Two training.
  • The Commissioning Course for officers at Sandhurst lasts for 48 weeks.

Your read more about the British Army’s Phase One training, for both officers and soldiers, here.


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