Birth of the Royal Navy

“The Puritan Revolution (1640-1660) and the Dutch Wars (1652-1678) led England to establish a permanent national navy with a professional officer corps. It became the Royal Navy in 1660 under Charles II. The Royal Navy became essential in the defense of the island nation and the protection of merchant interests across the globe. Though a… Read More


The RAF & MBA’s

Do you know that on 10 July 2018, 119 Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel held a Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification? This is based on personnel voluntarily uploading the MBA qualification to the Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) system – meaning the actual figure could be under-reported. MBA’s and Job Descriptions Whilst there are no… Read More

Select Royal Navy Petty Officer Training Courses by Training Days & Qualification

Below is an outline of the total course length (training days) and main qualification gained for select Royal Navy Petty Officer courses. Weapon Engineering Petty Officer Engineering Qualifying Course WE POET(QC) calculated in days: POET(WE) – 285 Training Days. POET(CIS) – 105 Training Days. Marine Engineering Petty Officer Engineering Qualifying Course ME POET(QC) calculated in… Read More

US Naval Officers: Academic Background & Assessing Job Performance

Research Paper Title College Quality and Employee Job Performance: Evidence from Naval Officers. Background This study analyses the effects of college quality and individual academic background on selected job performance measures for officers working in professional and managerial jobs in the US Navy. Methods The study analyses performance indicators at selected career points for cohorts in two occupational groups.… Read More

Reservists Skills Boost for Business

Skills training can be one of the biggest expenses that organisations face. However, supporting reservist employees can bring big benefits to businesses by saving thousands on their training budgets. As part of a successful career in the reserves a person will develop a broad range of skills through their military training which can help them… Read More

Soldiers Snap Up Civilian Certificates

An article from the December 2014 issue of Soldier Magazine: More than 6,220 personnel, including some 300 Reservists, have signed up to a new scheme to convert their military courses into civilian qualifications for free. Launched in June, the Army skills offer provides nationally recognised accreditation for military training packages – from GCSE to master’s degree level. Among the certificates on offer are City and… Read More