Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into A Business

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For many individuals, fitness and working out is much more than a portion of our daily routine or some kind of chore we feel we must endure. It goes much deeper than that. It becomes a part of you, an inner passion, it is in your blood. It is a science, a creative outlet for sculpting the body and, an escape, all rolled into one. But have you ever entertained the thought of turning this passion for physical excellence into your own business? Well, if you have, it is far from a crazy thought. Adults are in a fitness craze as they battle the bulge and all the savvy marketing tactics aimed squarely at our taste buds. Business experts predict that fitness training will grow by at least 8 percent by 2024. People want to get in shape, they just need professional guidance.

Check The Requirements

Going into business for yourself will require exploring different avenues and considerations. First off, you must have proper credentials, certificates, and accreditation. You may already have everything you need, but check the list of certifications and degrees in your area, as the more qualified you appear to be, the more quality customers you will attract. You will also want to obtain personal trainer insurance. This is an easily overlooked but crucial step in any physical training/fitness business, as you want to be confident your clients, yourself, and your business are protected in case of injuries.

Find Your Niche & Market Your Business

Are you a specialist in certain training? What type of clients do you prefer to attract? What is your target demographic? These and other questions such as, are you going to make “house-calls” or do you prefer your clients come to your fitness room, or both, will help guide you into an effective marketing plan for your business. Once you have your business set up, with all the proper licensing, paperwork, and certifications, it’s time to market it and find your customers. The most powerful and efficient ways of doing this start off would be through social media, canvassing, and word-of-mouth.

Personality & Trust Will Equal Success

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the demand for personal fitness trainers is expected to increase by 13% within the next decade. Also, do not forget your personality. You are working intimately one-on-one with individuals who may very well already have some insecurity issues about their body and putting their trust in you to get the results they seek. So lots of patience, kindness, understanding, and humour will go a long way in establishing your PT business as a force to be reckoned with.

Lastly, have a trademark logo and name that pops and set up a Facebook and Instagram page for your business. Chances are good you already have a reputation in the local fitness world, so set out contacting all friends and gym acquaintances, colleagues, and fellow trainers. Let them know you are open for business.


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