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Alternatively, the girlfriend loosened the lid and then asked him to open the jar in order to make him feel better! Advertisements Advertisements


Medically Unexplained Symptoms & Exposure to Combat

Research Paper Title Multiple Physical Symptoms in a Military Population: A Cross-sectional Study. Background Medically unexplained symptoms have been reported among both civilians and military personnel exposed to combat. A large number of military personnel deployed to the Gulf War in 1991 reported non-specific symptoms. These symptoms did not constitute a clearly defined syndrome. Post-traumatic… Read More

Research: Friends, Middle Age & Wellbeing

Having a large network of friends is critical to the psychological wellbeing of middle aged adults. Researchers used information collected from over 7000 adults born in Great Britain in 1958. Having fewer friends at age 45 was associated with poorer psychological wellbeing at age 50, over and above the differences accounted for by educational factors,… Read More