When was the Term ‘Aerobics’ Coined?

Until the late 1960s, the idea of exercising for good health and well-being was virtually non-existent. Then in 1968, Kenneth H. Cooper, a Major in the US  Air Force Medical Corps, published a global bestseller in which he coined the term ‘aerobics’ and explained that the more the human body moves, the better it performs.… Read More


When Sweating Makes You Smile: Sweat at Boot Camp to Make Life Smile at You

Whether people realise it or not, we humans are hardwired to pursue goals that challenge us and keep us sharp and engaged with the fulfilling life we want to have. Laziness, sedentary habits, and the blind pursuit of a life that holds comfort as its single goal are recent aspects of the modern life that… Read More

Exercise is Central to New ‘Five-a-Day’ Style Approach to Mental Health

This is an article written by guest writer Jennifer Timpson which is an astute piece given the increasing emphasis being placed upon mental health issues by political parties, the NHS and (of course) the military in general. When most people hear the expression ‘five a day’ the first thing that springs to mind is the… Read More

Top 10 Traits of Highly Effective Group Fitness Instructors

By Shannon Fable (a USA Veteran Fitness Instructor): “Knowing how to make an impact as a Group Fitness instructor (GFI) is sometimes a misunderstood art. Most of us become GFIs because we LOVE exercising in groups. […] To increase your opportunity to make the biggest impact on the widest variety of participants, consider these 10 important… Read More