Eight Ways to Achieve Your Goals without any Willpower (Well, Maybe a Little)!

Make it a money-losing venture: According to a study that compared rewards versus punishment in motivating reluctant exercisers, losing money is more painful than not getting it in the first place. So rather than rewarding yourself at the end of a task, try paying yourself a lump sum to begin with, and then fine yourself if you fall short of your… Read More


How Smart Connections will Shape New Skills

New types of ‘smart, connected products’, resulting from advances in technology, are having a significant impact on reshaping industries, competition and competitive advantage, according to this Harvard Business Review article. Products that used to be simply mechanical and electrical have become more complex systems that combine hardware, sensors, data storage capabilities, micro-processors, software and connectivity.… Read More

What’s Your Membership Type & Why?

Through analysis of various documents, data and observation I have identified a number of distinct membership types (based on time periods rather than revenue types) that occur within the outdoor fitness market: Type 1: Core Membership: long-term clients whose subscriptions last for 12 months or more (and will attend sessions in all but the worst… Read More