What is the Gordon’s Cup?

The Gordons’ Cup is a Military Skills competition designed to
test Royal Corps of Signals Phase 2 and Permanent Staff soldiers across a variety of physically and mentally demanding serials.

What is the Purpose of the Competition?

This annual military skills competition, predominantly designed for Phase 2 soldiers allows them to put their basic training into practice.

It helps to:

  • Enhance leadership;
  • Develop physical and mental robustness; and
  • Develop team ethos/teamwork.

Who Delivers the Competition?

The competition is delivered by 4 (Military Training) Squadron on behalf of the Commanding Officer 11 (RSS) Signal Regiment.

What Does the Competition Involve?

Competitors are assessed at Section level (8-person team), over a 12-hour period, across 8 stands.

These stands can include:

  • Assault course;
  • Quick attack estimate;
  • Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD)/MATT 9;
  • Call for fire;
  • A bayonet range;
  • Section attack lane;
  • Pistol shooting;
  • Map marking;
  • SERE stand;
  • ‘Rapid Replen’ stand; and/or
  • Stands designed to test the mental agility of the participants.

The event is usually held on a Saturday, with a charming 0430 start time.

Participants will cover approximately 12.5 miles, although this does take into account any distance covered during activities at the stands.

What Preparation is Required?

All participants receive a pre-training package in the weeks leading up to the event to ensure all the necessary skills and drills are covered prior to the competition.

What About International Teams?

2019 saw the introduction of the International Trophy, with teams from Germany, America and France invited to compete against a Permanent Staff Team and the current Troop Commanders course teams.

Also new to the competition, in 2019, was the participation of a team of Phase 2’s from 8 Battalion REME to add a further competitive edge to the


There are various awards to be gained, including:

  • Best Section;
  • Best Troop;
  • International Trophy; and
  • The Gordon’s Cup.


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