What is the Gordon’s Cup?

The Gordons’ Cup is a Military Skills competition designed totest Royal Corps of Signals Phase 2 and Permanent Staff soldiers across a variety of physically and mentally demanding serials. What is the Purpose of the Competition? This annual military skills competition, predominantly designed for Phase 2 soldiers allows them to put their basic training into… Read More


Military ‘Tech Pay’: RRP vs EPRA

In 2018, the Royal Navy introduced a recruitment and retention payment (RRP) for naval service engineers, which is paid as a daily rate to those who are OR-4 and above in lieu of the engineering professional recognition award (EPRA) which is paid to Army personnel. Army personnel do not qualify for the naval payment, but… Read More

Number of Royal Signals Foreman of Signals, 2014

Below is the number of Royal Signals Foreman of Signals and Foreman of Signal (IS) applicants for 2014. Table 1: Royal Signals foreman of signals applicants Term 2014 Total number of applicants 117 Number called forward to selection board [Note 1] 40 Number of candidates selected for Foreman of Signals 14 Number of candidates selected… Read More

Do Signal Officers Keep their Rank if they do P Coy?

A search term from yesterday. Simple Answer: Yes Longer Answer: the P Company course, officially the All Arms Pre-Parachute Selection (AA PPS) Course, is open to all officers and other ranks across the UK Military. P Company is an ADQUAL (additional qualification), it is not a mandatory career course but can be career enhancing (it… Read More