How To Use Your Current Clients to Attract New Ones

Being fully booked out and constantly in demand is something every personal trainer wants to achieve. However, you do not necessarily need elaborate marketing and advertising strategies to attract more clients into your business. Leveraging your current client base can go a long way towards driving new sign-ups. A great, but often under utilised, place to… Read More


Dealing with Gym-Hopper Clients

Everyone likes a bargain, and many fitness businesses choose to offer specials from time to time, to attract new clients. However, it can be frustrating if you are continually faced with bargain-obsessed clients who bounce between discount deals and special offers with different providers, rather than committing to a long-term investment in training with you.… Read More

Personal Trainers & the Client-Centric Element

When researching for an article I am writing, I came across this article by PT Direct which looks at functional training and personal trainers (PTs). Although the topic of the article is ‘Functional Training’, the principles outlined by PT Direct regarding client desires, goals and abilities (encompassing customer service) is what I’m looking at. For… Read More