How To Use Your Current Clients to Attract New Ones

Being fully booked out and constantly in demand is something every personal trainer wants to achieve.

However, you do not necessarily need elaborate marketing and advertising strategies to attract more clients into your business. Leveraging your current client base can go a long way towards driving new sign-ups.

A great, but often under utilised, place to start is with Facebook reviews from your clients. Reviews help build credibility and convince new clients to book in.

Nowadays, reviews are very important and, if you don’t have any reviews on your Facebook page (or other social media accounts), potential clients might visit your fan page but not go through with any actual inquiries.

People prefer to read reviews first, then consider a purchase. Rather than just hoping your current clients will leave some positive feedback on your Facebook page, be proactive and ask them to.

At the end of a training session, you can always direct message a client and ask if they will put up a review for you. Further, if a client gives you great feedback about a session or their training results, ask if they would mind sharing their thoughts in the review section of your Facebook page, or writing a testimonial for you to include on your website.

You can also leverage positive reviews further, by writing back. Always write back and thank the person for their review, say how you enjoy training them and basically repeat the testimonial again. That way, you reinforce that you are awesome at what you do.

Showcasing your current clients’ hard work in training sessions and their fitness and weight loss achievements on your social media accounts is another great way to spark interest from potential clients. If they are happy for you to do so, take photos of them and tag them in your posts, congratulating them on their achievements. The client’s wider social network will see the post in their feed, and may be inspired to reach out to you.

Another clever way to leverage current clients to attract new ones is to ask them to complete a survey about your business. You can do this either with a simple paper survey, or online via a service such as SurveyMonkey.

A successful method is to approach your top 10 customers and ask them to fill out a survey to gain insight about why they came on board with you and their experience to share with other potential customers. The positive feedback and praise you receive from client surveys can then give you insights into the psychology of your customers, as well as providing material to include in your marketing to attract new clients.


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