How to Choose the Right Protein Powder for Your Body

When you are working out and trying to build muscle, or if you are a professional bodybuilder and want more lean muscle mass, then a macronutrient like protein powder is essential for your body composition over the next few months or years. Protein is considered a critical component for muscle growth, repair, and maintenance of… Read More


Training for Combat: The Ultimate Warrior’s Workout Plan

There are countless examples of military and ex-military personnel who have taken up martial arts; a good example is the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Programme (MCMAP) established in 2001. These rigorous training sessions do not fall hard on them because they are used to military-type drills. In fact, a workout plan for the ultimate… Read More

Research: Bodybuilding, Just Hot Air!

A 41 year old professional bodybuilder presented with worsening dysphagia and regurgitation. Neck examination and flexible nasolaryngoscopy were unremarkable, but a barium swallow showed an unusual wide mouthed and bilobed pharyngeal pouch. A pharyngeal pouch (or Zenker’s diverticulum) characteristically occurs just above the cricopharyngeus muscle at an area of potential weakness. Although more common in… Read More