Why Choose a Natural Bodybuilding Drug Amidst Steroid Prevalence

In this world, people still look at the physical characteristics of a person first – We can not help it as it is a part of our basic instincts. According to Psychology Today, It is used to find a partner or someone whom you can trust in your life. In animals, it is the same… Read More


How to Choose the Right Protein Powder for Your Body

When you are working out and trying to build muscle, or if you are a professional bodybuilder and want more lean muscle mass, then a macronutrient like protein powder is essential for your body composition over the next few months or years. Protein is considered a critical component for muscle growth, repair, and maintenance of… Read More

Training for Combat: The Ultimate Warrior’s Workout Plan

There are countless examples of military and ex-military personnel who have taken up martial arts; a good example is the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Programme (MCMAP) established in 2001. These rigorous training sessions do not fall hard on them because they are used to military-type drills. In fact, a workout plan for the ultimate… Read More

Research: Bodybuilding, Just Hot Air!

A 41 year old professional bodybuilder presented with worsening dysphagia and regurgitation. Neck examination and flexible nasolaryngoscopy were unremarkable, but a barium swallow showed an unusual wide mouthed and bilobed pharyngeal pouch. A pharyngeal pouch (or Zenker’s diverticulum) characteristically occurs just above the cricopharyngeus muscle at an area of potential weakness. Although more common in… Read More