Training for Combat: The Ultimate Warrior’s Workout Plan

There are countless examples of military and ex-military personnel who have taken up martial arts; a good example is the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Programme (MCMAP) established in 2001. These rigorous training sessions do not fall hard on them because they are used to military-type drills. In fact, a workout plan for the ultimate… Read More


US Army Extreme Conditioning Programmes: Is There An Injury Risk?

Research Paper Title Extreme Conditioning Programs and Injury Risk in a US Army Brigade Combat Team. Background Brigades and battalions throughout the US Army are currently implementing a variety of exercise and conditioning programmes with greater focus on preparation for mission-specific tasks. An Army physical therapy clinic working with a light infantry brigade developed the… Read More

Research: Loaded March & Performance

Research Paper Title Frequency of Loaded Road March Training and Performance on a Loaded Road March. Background Four groups of soldiers (N=137) participated in a 9 week physical training programme that was similar except for the amount of loaded road march training. The groups conducted road marching as follow: Group O (GPO) did not perform… Read More