Royal Marines Commando Training: Incidence of Stress Fractures & Time to Return to Training

Research Paper Title Incidence and Time to Return to Training for Stress Fractures during Military Basic Training. Background Currently, little is known about the length of time required to rehabilitate patients from stress fractures and their return to preinjury level of physical activity. Previous studies have looked at the return to sport in athletes, in… Read More


Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection (from 2001)

Research Paper Title The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection: A Series of Questions? Abstract From work funded by the UKs Ministry of Defence (MOD), Corporate Research Programme, the researchers have reached the stage of examining the Internet as a means of selection for the Armed Forces. Previous work has looked at computer-based testing, adaptive testing and… Read More

Royal Marines Training: ACL Injury, Rehabilitation & Completion of Commando Training

Research Paper Title ACL Injury in Royal Marine basic training: rehabilitation times and rates of completion of commando training. Outline Previous Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction is currently a contraindication for entry to the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. The British Army allows entry if potential entrants are asymptomatic 18 months post-ACL reconstruction. Current Royal Marines policy is to rehabilitate recruits… Read More

What is the Relationship between Leadership Behaviours, Psychological & Training Outcomes?

Research Paper Title The relationship between transformational leadership behaviors, psychological, and training outcomes in elite military recruits. Background Two studies examined the effects of a differentiated model of transformational leadership on follower outcomes. Study 1 In Study 1, 484 UK Royal Marine recruits completed questionnaires about their trainers’ leadership behaviors and their own attitudes towards… Read More

Comparison of British & Australian Commando Training Programmes

Below is an abridged comparison of the British and Australian Commando training programmes. Further details can be found here: Royal Marines Initial Military Training All Arms Commando Course (AACC) Australian Commando Regiments

What are the Neuromuscular & Cardiovascular Responses of Royal Marine Recruits to Load Carriage?

Research Paper Title Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular Responses of Royal Marine Recruits to Load Carriage in the Field. Background Cardiovascular and neuromuscular responses of 12 male Royal Marine recruits (age 22 ± 3 years, body mass 80.7 ± 6.8 kg, VO(2)max 52.3 ± 2.7 ml kg(-1) min(-1)) were measured during 19.3 km of load carriage walking… Read More

UK Armed Forces Recruits & Smoking Behaviour

Research Paper Title Smoking Prevalence amongst UK Armed Forces Recruits: Changes in Behaviour after 3 years follow-up and Factors affecting Smoking Behaviour. Background The purpose of this study was to investigate smoking prevalence of Tri-Service recruits, and changes in smoking behaviour at 3-year follow-up, by trade group and gender. Associations with educational attainment and deprivation… Read More