200 Metres: Athletes vs. Commandos!

In 2017, the qualification standard for British athletes for the 200 metres was set at: 21.35 seconds for men; and 24.70 seconds for women. For military personnel attending the Royal Marines Recruit Course, the Royal Marines Young Officer Course, and the All Arms Commando Course, the qualification standard for the 200 metres was set at:… Read More


Streptococcus & Royal Marines Recruits

Research Paper Title Asymptomatic group: A Streptococcal throat carriage in Royal Marines recruits and Young Officers. Background A prospective observational study was conducted in Royal Marines (RM) recruits to investigate throat carriage of group A Streptococcus (GAS) and incidence of soft tissue infections. Methods 1,012 RM recruits were followed through a 32-week training programme, with… Read More

Royal Marines Kit Muster

Personnel on the Royal Marines 32-week Recruit course, 60-week RM Young Officers (RMYO) course, and the 9-week All Arms Commando Course (AACC) must lay out every single piece of their equipment (including rifle stripped down) in a clean and maintained condition ready for inspection everyday whilst on field exercises. This ensures that personnel maintain high… Read More