Identifying the Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals

Research Paper Title Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals: A Qualitative Study. Background Quality is a key factor for the success of any organisation. Moreover, accessing quality in the emergency department is highly significant due to the sensitive and complex role of this department in hospitals as well as the healthcare… Read More


US Military Personnel: Resilience, PTSD & PTG

Research Paper Title Resilience, post-traumatic stress, and posttraumatic growth: Veterans’ and active duty military members’ coping trajectories following traumatic event exposure. Abstract As part of the “Joining Forces” Initiative (“JFI”), the White House and nursing leaders announced nurses’ commitment to recognise symptoms, provide care, and refer veterans and active duty military members for post-traumatic stress… Read More

Is the Death/Suicide Implicit Association Test associated with a History of Suicidal Ideation nor History of Depression?

Research Paper Title Implicit Measures of Suicide Risk in a Military Sample. Background Suicide has become an issue of great concern within the US military in recent years, with recent reports indicating that suicide has surpassed combat related deaths as the leading cause of death. One concern regarding suicide risk in the military is that… Read More

World War I and Canadian Medical Volunteers

Research Paper Title Western University (No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital and No. 14 Canadian General Hospital): a study of medical volunteerism in the First World War. Abstract The Canadian government depended on chaotic civilian volunteerism to staff a huge medical commitment during the First World War. Offers from Canadian universities to raise, staff and equip… Read More

Desmond Doss: US Army Medic & Medal of Honour Recipient

If your a fan of military films then ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is one you should probably watch. The extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, a US Army medic who single-handedly saved 75 soldiers at Okinawa during one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. As a ship joiner (Newport News, Virginia), Desmond could… Read More

Developing Collaboration to Eliminate Preventable Death on the Battlefield

Research Paper Title Analysis of injury patterns and roles of care in US and Israel militaries during recent conflicts: Two are better than one. Background As new conflicts emerge and enemies evolve, military medical organisations worldwide must adopt the ‘lessons learned.’ In this study, the researchers describe roles of care (ROCs) deployed and injuries sustained… Read More

Increasing Physical Capacity: Soldiers & Gene Modification

Article Title The Real Captain America: Bioengineering the Super Soldiers of Tomorrow. Extract “With the rapidly advancing field of genomics and gene modification, the distinct possibility has arisen for applying these technologies to enhance a soldier’s physical capacity. Genetic modification or “’gene doping’, already banned from its possible future use in the Olympics, has many… Read More