China Develops a Rapid Blood Typing Test

“A, B,AB or O: a paper-based test could reveal your blood type in just half a minute, allowing hospitals to rapidly administer the right blood in an emergency.” (New Scientist, 2017, p.19). The test could be particularly useful in war zones or remote areas where there are no labs to carry out blood typing. Knowing your blood type… Read More


EMT Certification & US Military Medical Technicians

Research Paper Title An Assessment of National EMT Certification Among Enlisted Military Medics. Background Navy Hospital Corpsmen (HMs) are the Navy equivalent to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) both in-garrison and on the battlefield. In 2000, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education Agenda for the Future highlighted the need for a single certification agency to provide… Read More

Varicella Seroepidemiology in US Air Force Recruits

Research Paper Title Varicella seroepidemiology in United States air force recruits: A retrospective cohort study comparing immunogenicity of varicella vaccination and natural infection. Background Infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV) produces lifelong immunity, but duration of post-vaccination immunity has not been established. The purpose of this study is to determine if a difference exists in… Read More

Does Adapting Marching Distances & Physical Training Decrease Recruits Injuries & Attrition?

Research Paper Title Adapted Marching Distances and Physical Training Decrease Recruits’ Injuries and Attrition Background There is evidence that progressive loading of physical demands at the beginning of basic military service and specific physical training can reduce injury incidences. Therefore, aim of this study was to measure the effects of a progressive increase in marching… Read More

Underreporting of Musculoskeletal Injuries in the US Army

Research Paper Title Underreporting of Musculoskeletal Injuries in the US Army: Findings From an Infantry Brigade Combat Team Survey Study. Background Musculoskeletal injury is a significant threat to readiness in the US Army. Current injury surveillance methods are constrained by accurate injury reporting. Input into electronic medical records or databases therefore may not accurately reflect… Read More

Recording the British Military Experience in the Management of Combat Wounds

Research Paper Title The Management of Combat Wounds: The British Military Experience. Introduction As the UK military has been engaged in recent conflicts in the Middle East, the University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust and the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) in Birmingham, through which all injured British soldiers are transferred for treatment, have often… Read More