Apology & Mistakes…

“To inquire if and where we made mistakes is not to apologize.” Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover in testimony before the U.S. Congress in April 1964

Do & Done becomes Get & Gotten…

“If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten.” Unknown but invariably accredited to (Quote Investigator, 2016): Henry Ford (?, Car Maker); Jessie Potter (1981, Educator and counsellor on family relationships and human sexuality); Dayle K. Maloney (1984, In a seminar ‘Secers of Selling); Cathy Bolger (1984, Counsellor); Dan… Read More

Skills: Jack of All Trades versus Master Craftsman

“The same man cannot be well skilled in everything; each has his own special excellence.” Euripides (c.480 BC to 406 BC), from one of his tragedies (Rhesus). Euripides was one of the great Athenian playwrights and poets of ancient Greece, known for the many tragedies he wrote, including Medea and The Bacchae.

Time to Change your Plan?

“It is a bad plan that cannot be altered.” Publilius Syrus(85 BC to 43 BC) was a Latin writer, best known for his Sententiae. He was a Syrian who was brought to Italy as a slave, but by his wit and talent he won the favour of his master, who freed and educated him. Alternatives include:… Read More