Discussing the FOCUS Programme

Research Paper Title The FOCUS Family Resilience Programme: An Innovative Family Intervention for Trauma and Loss. Abstract This article describes the core principles and components of the FOCUS Program, a brief intervention for families contending with single or multiple trauma or loss events. It has been administered nationally to thousands of military family members since… Read More


Developing an Effective Policy for Mitigating PTSD…

Research Paper Title A Dynamic Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Military Personnel and Veterans. Background Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stands out as a major mental illness; however, little is known about effective policies for mitigating the problem. The importance and complexity of PTSD raise critical questions: What are the trends in the population of… Read More

Character-Education Programmes: Linking Performance Virtues & Moral Virtues

Discussion Paper Title Moral Dilemma. Headline Attempts to bolster virtuous traits in the young are on the rise. But no one knows whether they actually works, says Christian B. Miller (writing in the New Scientist). Article It is a common refrain down the ages: the young of today lack the backbone of earlier generations. In… Read More

Military Training: Instinct vs Training…

“At the time he had believed that Bestia had been a cruel monster, but he had long since come to realise the true purpose of the harsh treatment meted out during training. Soldiers had to keep a cool head in any conditions. They had to be disciplined from within as well as without. That process… Read More

Resilience Training in the Australian Defence Force

An article by Lieutenant Colonel Dr Andrew Cohn MAPS, National Coordinator, Prevention and Resilience Team, Colonel Dr Stephanie Hodson MAPS, Director and Monique Crane, Senior Researcher, Prevention and Resilience Team, Directorate of Mental Health in Defence. Fundamental to being employed within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the requirement to be able to respond effectively to… Read More

The UK Military & Resilience Training

“I am struck by how much the military invest in resilience training,” said Terence Stephenson, the General Medical Council’s new Chair, at a recent hearing of the Commons Health Committee. He went on to say. “They do not wait until they are out in Helmand province; they start at recruitment and training.” Reference BMJ 2015;350;h566