Does the Paleo Diet Include Carbs?

Charred fragments found in 170,000-year-old ashes in a cave in southern Africa are the earliest roasted root vegetables yet found. The finding suggest the real “Paleo diet” included lots of roasted vegetables rich in carbohydrates, similar to modern potatoes (Wadley et al., 2020). In 2016, Lyn Wadley at the University of the Witwatersrand in South… Read More


How to Use the Paleo Diet to Get Fit Faster

Your diet should work in harmony with your fitness routine. The food you eat should help you build muscle and sufficiently fuel your body. It can be hard to know what food is best to eat, but the Paleo diet is a great option if you want a diet that is high in protein and… Read More

What Does the Paleo Diet Consist of?

Ok, so there are a lot of ‘experts’, books and websites out there discussing what the Paleo Diet is. However, the classic view of what a Paleo Diet actually consists of may not be as clear cut as one thinks. “THE real Paleo diet might have depended on where you lived. Neanderthals living in prehistoric Belgium enjoyed… Read More

The Endless Pendulum Swing of Fat is Good, Fat is Bad Continues

“Is a diet rich in saturated fat  a health risk or not?” (Johnson, 2016, p.18). A dog whistle question to get researchers/scientists, food commentators and self-styled experts hot under the collar. New evidence would suggest it is a health risk (Wang et al., 2016). Actually, the new evidence is a new statistical analysis of historical… Read More

The Paleo Diet, by Someone who Ate It!

Do you want to keep on-trend with the latest fashionable diet? Then look to the Red Lady of El Miron, who ate the Paleo diet almost 19,000 years ago. For her, it was no fad. The isotopes in her dental enamel, microscopic wear patterns on her teeth and the stuff embedded between them reveal that… Read More