What Does the Paleo Diet Consist of?

Ok, so there are a lot of ‘experts’, books and websites out there discussing what the Paleo Diet is. However, the classic view of what a Paleo Diet actually consists of may not be as clear cut as one thinks.

“THE real Paleo diet might have depended on where you lived. Neanderthals living in prehistoric
Belgium enjoyed their meat – but those in what is now northern Spain seem to have eaten an almost exclusively vegetarian diet. This is according to new DNA analysis [by Weyrich and colleagues (2017)] that also suggests sick Neanderthals could self-medicate with naturally occurring painkillers and antibiotics.” (Barras, 2017, p.9).


Barras, C. (2017) Neanderthal Paleo Diet was Meat, Veg and Drugs. New Scientist. 11 March 2017.

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