Thinking of Joining a Bootcamp without Physical Training? Think Again

It is generally believed that a bootcamp applicant is likely to sustain a few injuries during the course of basic training. And while injuries during basic training are common, they are often the consequence of a lack of preparation prior to basic training. However, this article would not hold much value if we simply told… Read More


How to Prevent Knee Injuries During Boot Camp Workouts

Injuries of all kinds are a common side effect of boot camp and military training workouts, and knee injuries are one of the most common. Considering all the running and jumping that takes place during these workouts, this is not particularly surprising. Knee injuries may be common, but they are not an inevitable part of… Read More

How to Prevent These Four Common Military Training Injuries

Introduction It is no secret that all military training, from boot camp to specialised skills training and beyond, is hard on your body. Many people experience injuries – sometimes life-changing ones – while they are participating in training. Some of the most common injuries that occur during military training are tibial bone stress reaction (shin… Read More

Overuse Injuries in Basic Military Training: 1994

Research Paper Title The Incidence of Overuse Injuries in Military recruits during Basic Military Training. Background A study was undertaken to document the incidence of overuse injuries sustained during basic military training. Method The injuries in military recruits (N = 1,261) undergoing basic training were documented prospectively over a 9-week period. Injury incidence was expressed… Read More