Should GP’s Prescribe Golf?

General Practitioner’s (GP’s) and health professionals are being urged to refer older and inactive patients for golf lessons, after a new report showed that golf builds muscle strength and “improves life satisfaction”. The Golf on Referral report by England Golf, ukactive and Mytime Active, studied two pilots that saw patients referred for a six-week behaviour change and golf lesson programme.… Read More


UK Military GPs & Occupational Health

All military General Practitioners (GP’s) are trained in Occupational Health as part of their entry officer courses. This requires a functional and life style assessment when undertaking medicals on Service personnel. As part of the medical, the allied health professional will give advice to personnel about fitness, diet and alcohol. Reference FOI 2018/03526 dated 23… Read More

Is General Practice Engaged with Physical Activity Promotion?

I read this article in the September 2015 edition of the BJGP, which looks at: Should GPs engage with Physical Activity (PA) promotion? Is general practice already engaged? Main barriers to GP engagement? How can GPs engage? Conclusion. The article notes how Scotland is moving (slightly) ahead on England and Wales in utilising GPs in… Read More

Primary Care & Weight Reduction Interventions: A Happy Marriage?

Research Paper Title Access to Weight Reduction Interventions for Overweight and Obese Patients in UK Primary Care: Population-based Cohort Study. Objectives To investigate access to weight management interventions for overweight and obese patients in primary care. Setting UK primary care electronic health records. Participants A cohort of 91,413 overweight and obese patients aged 30-100 years was sampled from the Clinical… Read More

Are GPs able to recognise obese men as obese by sight alone?

Research Paper Title Visual Identification of Obesity by Healthcare Professionals: An Experimental Study of Trainee and Qualified GPs. Background Guidelines suggest that healthcare professionals should screen and offer help to overweight and obese patients to lose weight. Despite this. such discussions are uncommon in practice. One reason for doctors lack of intervention on weight could be that they fail to recognise… Read More