Is There a Case for Telestroke Military Medicine?

Research Paper Title A Case for Telestroke in Military Medicine: A Retrospective Analysis of Stroke Cost and Outcomes in U.S. Military Health-Care System. Background The development of primary stroke centres has improved outcomes for stroke patients. Telestroke networks have expanded the reach of stroke experts to underserved, geographically remote areas. This study illustrates the outcome… Read More


Body Diagram Scores & Psychosocial Factors to Pain Intensity & Disability in Patients With Musculoskeletal Pain

Research Paper Title Unique Contributions of Body Diagram Scores and Psychosocial Factors to Pain Intensity and Disability in Patients With Musculoskeletal Pain in a Military Primary Care Clinic. Background Body diagrams are often use to document symptom and have also been used as a proxy to assess psychological influence. However, literature on their value for… Read More

Primary Care & Weight Reduction Interventions: A Happy Marriage?

Research Paper Title Access to Weight Reduction Interventions for Overweight and Obese Patients in UK Primary Care: Population-based Cohort Study. Objectives To investigate access to weight management interventions for overweight and obese patients in primary care. Setting UK primary care electronic health records. Participants A cohort of 91,413 overweight and obese patients aged 30-100 years was sampled from the Clinical… Read More

How Does Depression Present in the British Army?

Research Paper Title The Presentation of Depression in the British Army. Background The British Army is predominately composed of young men, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, in which Depression is a common mental health disorder. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to construct a predictive model detailing the presentation of depression in the army that… Read More

What are (Military) Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury?

Research Paper Title Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury: A Qualitative Study using Narrative Interviews with British Service Personnel. Background To explore the first period of sick leave in military patients following a traumatic battle injury, and the role of primary care. To identify if and where patients perceived difficulties. Methods Participants… Read More

ADF: Injury Prevention & Hygiene Maintenance during Deployments

Research Paper Title Special Operations Task Group Regimental Aid Post Presentations, Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan: February – June 2010. Background The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, is supported by a Primary Health Care Team (PHCT) which provided health care through its Regimental Aid Post (RAP). Purpose To identify… Read More

Tennis Elbow: TENS & Primary Care Management

Research Paper Title Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation as Adjunct to Primary Care Management for Tennis Elbow: Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial (TATE Trial). Study Question Can transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), as a patient controlled adjunct to primary care management for tennis elbow, provide superior pain relief to primary care management alone? Summary Answer TENS conferred… Read More