Womens Extra Wide Shoes and Exercise

Introduction In this article we are going to briefly outline extra wide womens shoes and why it is important to get the right size in general, but specifically when exercising. The general principles outlined below can also be applied to men. One of the commonly cited causes of sore or problematic feet is ill-fitting footwear,… Read More


Is there a Long-term Impact on Quality of Life after Repatriation for Diseases or Non-Battle Injuries?

Research Paper Title Repatriation for diseases or non-battle injuries (DNBI): long-term impact on quality of life. Background Throughout history, diseases and non-battle injuries (DNBI) have threatened deployed forces more than battlefield injuries. During the Dutch involvement in Afghanistan, the amount of DNBI that needed medical evacuation out of theatre (60%) exceeded the number of battle… Read More

Battlefield Injuries: Linking Eyeballs & Glue

A smart glue could fill cuts in the outer eyeball sustained during battle, protecting the eye until the wound can be stitched by someone skilled in microsurgery. “Each day that no intervention is taken, the risk of permanent vision loss increases,” says Jack Whalen of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His team has… Read More

Multimodality Imaging Approaches for Evaluating Traumatic Extremity Injuries

Research Paper Title Multimodality Imaging Approaches for Evaluating Traumatic Extremity Injuries: Implications for Military Medicine. Abstract Significance: Military service members are susceptible to traumatic extremity injuries that often result in limb loss. Tremendous efforts have been made to improve medical treatment that supports residual limb function and health. Despite recent improvements in treatment and novel… Read More

What are (Military) Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury?

Research Paper Title Patient Needs from General Practice following a Traumatic Injury: A Qualitative Study using Narrative Interviews with British Service Personnel. Background To explore the first period of sick leave in military patients following a traumatic battle injury, and the role of primary care. To identify if and where patients perceived difficulties. Methods Participants… Read More

Is Smoking Associated with Injury in Military Training?

Research Paper Title Smoking and Injury in Royal Marines’ Training. Background Training for the Royal Marines (RMs) is considered to be one of the most arduous military training regimes in the world. Approximately 16% of the annual intake of recruits suffer an injury. Smoking has been found to be a predisposition to injury. Objective To… Read More