Is there a Long-term Impact on Quality of Life after Repatriation for Diseases or Non-Battle Injuries?

Research Paper Title Repatriation for diseases or non-battle injuries (DNBI): long-term impact on quality of life. Background Throughout history, diseases and non-battle injuries (DNBI) have threatened deployed forces more than battlefield injuries. During the Dutch involvement in Afghanistan, the amount of DNBI that needed medical evacuation out of theatre (60%) exceeded the number of battle… Read More


Netherlands Officer Career Management System (2001)

The Netherlands officer corps is essentially composed of two groups: Military academy graduates with college degrees (and a very few non-academy in-service transfers with college degrees) who make up the full-career officers; and Officer school graduates without college-level education who compose the limited-career officers. In principle, all officers can expect to remain in military service to age 55 and… Read More