Is There a Case for Telestroke Military Medicine?

Research Paper Title A Case for Telestroke in Military Medicine: A Retrospective Analysis of Stroke Cost and Outcomes in U.S. Military Health-Care System. Background The development of primary stroke centres has improved outcomes for stroke patients. Telestroke networks have expanded the reach of stroke experts to underserved, geographically remote areas. This study illustrates the outcome… Read More


Stroke: Can You Stand On One Leg?

No we are not talking about some tomfoolery following a few sherbets after a Saturday night out; new research suggests that an inability to balance on one leg reflects an increased risk for stroke. Being unable to balance on one leg for 20 seconds or longer is associated with early, asymptomatic changes to blood vessels in the brain… Read More

Potassium & CV Risk Factors

Research Paper Title Effect of Increased Potassium Intake on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Disease: Systematic Review and Meta-analyses. Study Question What are the effects of increased potassium intake on blood pressure, mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular diseases, and incidence of adverse effects in apparantly healthy adults and children without acute illness or impaired renal handling… Read More