Military Cyber Threats and Solutions for Military Privacy and Data Protection

Introduction Cyberspace holds the world captive, encompassing everything from personal messages and military dispatches to critical infrastructure and everyday devices. It extends to power grids, hospitals, transportation systems, and even home appliances. In today’s interconnected world, cyber-attacks pose one of the greatest global threats. This can include everything from the devastating consequences of hacking for… Read More


An Overview of Hybrid Warfare

Introduction Hybrid warfare is a theory of military strategy, first proposed by Frank Hoffman, which employs political warfare and blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare, and cyberwarfare with other influencing methods, such as fake news, diplomacy, lawfare and foreign electoral intervention. By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the aggressor intends to avoid attribution or retribution.… Read More

An Overview of the Military-Digital Complex

Introduction The military-digital complex (MDC) is the militarisation of cyber operations by governments and corporations, often through monetary relationships between computer programmers in private companies and the military to combat the threat of cyber terrorism and warfare. Cyber operations since 2000 have increased dramatically, with the recent branch of the US Strategic Command the United… Read More

Force of Arms & Not Force of Arms…

“The goal of this kind of warfare will encompass more than merely using means that involve the force of arms to control the enemy to accept one’s own will. Rather, the goal should be to use all means whatsoever-means that involve the force of arms and means that do not involve the force of arms,… Read More

Soldiers & the Tools of War…

“If the tools of warfare are no longer tanks and artillery, but rather computer viruses and microbots, then we can no longer say that nations are the only armed groups or that soldiers are the only ones in the possession of the tools of war.” Alvin Toffler (1928 to 2016) & Heidi Toffler (1929 to… Read More