An Overview of the Military-Entertainment Complex

Introduction The military-entertainment complex (MEC) is the cooperation between the United States Department of Defence and entertainment industries to their mutual benefit, especially in such fields as cinema, multimedia, virtual reality, and multisensory extended reality. Other nations besides the US have produced similar entertainment works, but the most prominent military-entertainment complex is that of the… Read More


An Overview of the Military-Digital Complex

Introduction The military-digital complex (MDC) is the militarisation of cyber operations by governments and corporations, often through monetary relationships between computer programmers in private companies and the military to combat the threat of cyber terrorism and warfare. Cyber operations since 2000 have increased dramatically, with the recent branch of the US Strategic Command the United… Read More

An Overview of the Military-Industrial Complex

Introduction The expression military-industrial complex (MIC) describes the relationship between a country’s military and the defence industry that supplies it, seen together as a vested interest which influences public policy. A driving factor behind the relationship between the military and the defence-minded corporations is that both sides benefit – one side from obtaining war weapons,… Read More