What was Peace Mission 2005?

Introduction Peace Mission 2005 was the first ever joint military exercise between China and Russia. Outline The exercise started on 19 August 2005, and consisted of combined land, sea, and air elements simulating an intervention in a state besieged by terrorists or political turmoil. It concluded on 25 August 2005. The force practiced air and… Read More


Anxiety: Interpretation Biases in Non-Self-Relevant Scenarios vs. Self-Relevant Scenarios

Research Paper Title Interpretation bias of high trait anxiety Chinese military servicemen in ambiguous military scenarios. Background Converging evidence reveals the negative interpretation bias in anxiety. Given that anxiety is a severe psychological problem among Chinese military personnel, the present study examined whether high trait anxiety military personnel showed negative interpretation bias in real-world situations… Read More

To The Frontline…

“After three days on the train, their worries about going to the Sino-Vietnamese border were confirmed when the train stopped at Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. About 120 CA-10 trucks picked up thousands of men at the station and took them to the border. Many recruits cried on the road. The next morning, a… Read More

Recounting a Soldier’s Reaction on Being Sent to the Frontline

“Private Xu Xiangyao joined the PLA in his village in Hebei on March 19, 1984. After a few weeks of intensive training, he was assigned to an infantry company in the Thirteenth Army. That summer, his regiment moved south by train. Inside their boxcar, one of twenty-one, no one talked. “We were so nervous and… Read More

The Chinese & Gunpowder

Chinese alchemists discovered gunpowder in the 8th century while they were carrying out experiments to find the elixir of life. By the 10th century, gunpowder was being used to make fireworks and weapons. The Chinese invented the gun, the rocket, the bomb, and the mine. The Song army used guns against the invading Mongols in… Read More

Force of Arms & Not Force of Arms…

“The goal of this kind of warfare will encompass more than merely using means that involve the force of arms to control the enemy to accept one’s own will. Rather, the goal should be to use all means whatsoever-means that involve the force of arms and means that do not involve the force of arms,… Read More

Non-specific lower back pain among a cohort of Chinese army soldiers

Research Paper Title A retrospective cross-sectional survey of non-specific lower back pain among a cohort of Chinese army soldiers. Background Nonspecific lower back pain (LBP) has been a major public health problem in western countries since the second half of the 20 t h century. The trend has expanded to non-western countries, and LBP is currently a… Read More