Pump It Up: Tips for Improving Your Strength Training

Introduction You probably don’t go into your workout looking for mediocre results. Most likely, you are looking for a 100% return on every heartbeat, hard breath, drop of sweat, and extra rep since these are the currency of your exercise. Investing your time and energy in the gym should garner you the best results that… Read More


Fasting vs Non-Fasting LDL & Mortality

Research Paper Title Prognostic Value of Fasting vs. Non-Fasting Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels on Long-term Mortality: Insight from the National Health and Nutrition Survey III (NHANES-III). Background National and international guidelines recommend fasting lipid panel measurement for risk stratification of patients for prevention of cardiovascular (CV) events. Yet, the prognostic value of fasting vs.… Read More