Les Elfes – International Camps for Kids & Teens

Introduction Camps help give children a chance for personal development (such as developing new skills and experiences), team-building activities, and making new friends – and parents can also enjoy a break too! This article outlines what Les Elfes is, what it offers, and some of the camp activities at Les Elfes for kids of all… Read More


What are the Effects of Load Carrying on Younger & Older Adults?

Research Paper Title Effect of load carrying on required coefficient of friction. Background A load carrying task was identified as a major factor leading to slip and fall injuries such as overexertion and bodily reaction. Holding a load in front of the body while walking would shift the whole body center-of-mass to the front, loading… Read More

What are the Needs of Children in Armed Forces Families who Undertake Caring Responsibilities?

The Children’s Society’s Include Service was awarded funding from NHS England to look at the needs of children in Armed Forces Families who undertake caring responsibilities which affect their own health, well-being and education, and to identify gaps in their access to support services. The project ran from October 2016 to March 2017 and looked at the specific needs… Read More

What is the Influence of Smoking, Alcohol & Physical Activity on Young Men?

Research Paper Title Bone structure and geometry in young men: the influence of smoking, alcohol intake and physical activity. Background The development of osteoporosis is influenced by peak bone mass attained in youth – the influence of lifestyle factors upon which is poorly described, especially amongst males. The researchers sought to address this issue in… Read More