Think of Hunger & Thirst…

“Genghis Khan said of one of his officers – ‘No man is more valiant, no man has rarer gifts, but as the longest marches do not tire him, as he feels neither hunger nor thirst, he believes that his soldiers do not suffer from such things. That is why he is not fitted for high… Read More


What are the Needs of Children in Armed Forces Families who Undertake Caring Responsibilities?

The Children’s Society’s Include Service was awarded funding from NHS England to look at the needs of children in Armed Forces Families who undertake caring responsibilities which affect their own health, well-being and education, and to identify gaps in their access to support services. The project ran from October 2016 to March 2017 and looked at the specific needs… Read More

The Armed Forces Covenant (2011)

Document Title Armed Forces Covenant. Abstract The Military Covenant has existed as an unwritten social and moral commitment between the State and the Armed Forces that has developed through long standing convention and customs. Historically it has been largely associated with the Army, although its principles are applied across all three Services. Although it currently… Read More